*WE LOVE YOU TO PIECES* Puzzle Piece Necklace - Can change wording

$30.00 USD


Product Description

Here is an example of a Puzzle Piece necklace that I customized to say, "We love you to pieces". Wording can be changed as you request. This is a brass puzzle piece and it comes with a 24" stainless steel chain.

If you purchase this pendant style, please tell me in the "comments" section of your order what color Swarovski crystals you'd like me to add, as well as specific wording.

**Each keepsake is hand-stamped, one hammer strike at a time. Pieces may vary, which adds character and uniqueness. Not every strike will be perfectly lined up, this is not a flaw, but part of the charm of hand-crafted jewelry. Please consider this before ordering.

Thank you!

*WE LOVE YOU TO PIECES* Puzzle Piece Necklace - Can change wording

Beautiful Custom Hand-Stamped Metal Jewelry For Everyone, For Any Occasion.

I love turning your creative vision into a handmade, tangible object. I craft with hypoallergenic metals & high quality embellishments, such as: fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystals (& pearls) & precious stones.

I offer a very little variety at my online shop. Please visit my Facebook Photo Gallery to see more options: www.facebook.com/MinnesotaFromScratchStampedMetalJewelry