Personalized Name Necklace w/ Charms

$30.00 USD


Product Description

Personalized name necklace with charms. Stamped pendant measures 1.15" and is made of pewter and comes with the star charm and two more of choice. Chain is a 24" stainless steel and can be shortened by request. When placing order, please let me know the name you'd like stamped on the pendant, as well as a few interests the recipient has to give me an idea of charm suggestions. I will e-mail you with charm options once order is complete.

To place an order of a specific word, phrase, names or dates, just e-mail:

**Each keepsake is hand-stamped, one hammer strike at a time. Pieces may vary, which adds character and uniqueness. Not every strike will be perfectly lined up, this is not a flaw, but part of the charm of hand-crafted jewelry. Please consider this before ordering.

Thank you!

Beautiful Custom Hand-Stamped Metal Jewelry For Everyone, For Any Occasion.

I love turning your creative vision into a handmade, tangible object. I craft with hypoallergenic metals & high quality embellishments, such as: fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystals (& pearls) & precious stones.

I offer a very little variety at my online shop. Please visit my Facebook Photo Gallery to see more options: