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*Storms Do Not Last Forever* 4-sided pendant necklace


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Live in the Present necklace


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Softball Mom Necklace with Charm


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4 Sided Necklace or Key Chain - YOU Customize what each side says.


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Memorial Necklace


Item collection 9aef1641 43c3 4b2e ba17 c0c125cb155a

Hand Stamped Sports Mom necklace w/ multiple charms, Mother's Day Necklace, Valentine's Day, Hypoallergenic


Item collection 4a6a6ba9 915d 485e 9c5c a11c7b859113

I <3 U a Bushel & a Peck


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6 Slice Friendship Pizza Slice Necklaces


Item collection b7c0c902 c130 46c5 b4c1 e7bd5529446d

Sugar Skull Earrings


Item collection 0981a51e 2a10 4e0e 83cc d44767a9b4d1

Treble Clef Earrings


Item collection f0b9d6f4 152c 4041 953e c53793c4ff94

Hello Kitty Earrings, Hypoallergenic, Kitty with Guitar


Item collection e4bcfb31 8272 4fa5 8788 93208290fac1

Bee Earrings, Hypoallergenic, Homesteader Jewelry, Save the Bees, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day Earrings


Item collection 9ebefdbc 206d 4892 9435 9656558de620

Chicken Earrings, Backyard Chicken Jewelry, Urban Homesteader, Farmer Jewelry, Hypoallergenic


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Rose Earrings, Hypoallergenic Jewelry, Mother's Day, Valentines Day Jewelry


Beautiful Custom Hand-Stamped Metal Jewelry For Everyone, For Any Occasion.

I love turning your creative vision into a handmade, tangible object. I craft with hypoallergenic metals & high quality embellishments, such as: fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystals (& pearls) & precious stones.

I offer a very little variety at my online shop. Please visit my Facebook Photo Gallery to see more options: