Item collection 84c2ff5a 450b 49e5 b8a8 34d77e433d25

Spiral Message Necklace - Customize Your Own


Item collection a02b2aaa 9c15 4715 ae74 f077e9ee66d5

Dream Catcher Statement Necklace


Item collection 2672b3fc a732 4b99 8f91 a533f2e49004

Magical Santa Key


Item collection 527bb7cd 2b98 48f4 a990 b4ba3110d7cb

Boy Mom #chaoscoordinator Necklace


Item collection ab1eec68 b608 4ddd 98bf 604f0ea28ad1

Morse Code Stamped Cuff


Item collection 7523e2b5 8582 4a16 aa43 5c47caca4e48

Penny Key Chain - Customized year and Pendant


Item collection 6ff3b72c e209 4673 8377 7bc6233b8c43

Can It & Ferment It


Item collection d1d866e8 9408 4b0e bf5a 116bbd2179a5

Wallet Insert - Custom Order - Stephanie C-J


Item collection 2691d46c 1e67 4278 93bc e6abdc26c34d

Jen P. - Custom Order


Item collection f21f07db e5c1 4362 acf5 a878b68a8aa3

Sophia's Creation


Item collection 7ee7a771 28f2 4644 9810 0e0b86d987cb

Skinny Stackable Cuff Braclets


Item collection 95fbb5b8 efdf 4fe1 bc06 2ef37008a4f7

Custom Fishing Lure - YOU CUSTOMIZE


Item collection 882e9ba1 29c8 4a5f bed6 2de2be9c1757

Military Dog Tag Necklace w/ Custom Message (or Keychain)


Item collection 87af096e b7e9 48d2 b952 cb95a301d937

Horizontal Bar Necklace with Raised Heart


Item collection 9ed3a0e4 9b97 46c0 b4ef e0400f935d56

Hand Stamped , Personalized Name Necklace with Charms, Hypoallergenic, Valentine's Day, Gift for child, Gift for mom, Gift for Grandma,


Item collection 47a155ad 077a 4cb7 957f 2162b98ffe28

Personalized Name Necklace w/ Charms


Item collection 66e57b79 3d7a 4278 a82e 3cdd285f2778

Mason Jar Necklace with Custom Message


Item collection f384faf6 8d03 45f0 a456 90d3cbb74e9f

Aunts Like You Are Precious and Few Necklace


Item collection acb16ce0 888a 4796 9134 793c599f91b5

I Love You More necklace


Item collection 5eede054 8cd8 4e2a 85e4 2d8b1f34a7b3

Never Lose Your Passion Necklace


Item collection 177b22e1 af47 48a3 9838 0eabe7c16e51

Hand Stamped *I love you Grandma* necklace, Hypoallergenic, Jewelry for Mom, Mother's Day, Grandma's Gift, Valentine's Day


Item collection 338fce00 b79a 4236 9eea 7b8bb766bbb0

Soccer Mom Necklace


Item collection c9ee35d2 3218 43cf bae6 e774d0537b47

Hand Stamped Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History Necklace, Hypoallergenic, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day


Item collection 5b45b06e 82cd 424b 98bb b54397cd4887

Lucky Necklace w/ Sharmrock Charm


Item collection 07292eb1 f690 49c9 a970 e0528a9801a5

United States Key Chain- YOU CUSTOMIZE


Item collection 691d70af df0b 43ce bcdb 027b5dcbcfa6

Minnesota State Hand Stamped Necklace *Always Coming Back Home to You*


Item collection 0be0592a 782f 46f6 ad03 b68a9bc1d30f

Gold Initial Necklace on Gold Chain


Item collection 68931891 88ac 4eb4 912b 0b95b070c920

*A Piece of My Heart Lives in Heaven* - Memorial Necklace


Item collection db8985bb a081 44be 80b3 2cc394aaa28a

Hand Stamped Stitched Heart Initial Necklace with Swarovski Crystal - YOU CUSTOMIZE - Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Hypoallergenic


Item collection ed313143 1bed 4dc6 b0dd 4c292d025e27

CUSTOMIZE 2 Piece Heart Necklace Set - Hand Stamped, Best Friend, Mother Daughter, Romantic Jewelry


Item collection daf4d16f f080 41fe b618 6265294c6a2b

Brass Christmas Tree Ornament - YOU Customize


Item collection 08577d7c dbd3 4057 a926 29f778a7bce7

Ocean Inspired Necklace


Item collection 97badd18 763d 459a 8611 6a0d5a996a61

Lovebirds with Custom Pendant, Wedding Jewelry, Anniversary, Mother's Day, Valentines Day, Romantic Jewelry, Love


Item collection 0d4a0aed 851a 4fd4 bec3 bae3f555da0a

Hamsa Hand Earrings, Meditation, Inspirational Jewelry, Protection Jewelry


Item collection eb521c42 6ca4 43da 9436 757b4ff3d163

Rose Gold Initial Necklace with 16" or 18" Rose Gold Chain


Item collection fc60f637 bd41 40cd 9e7f c724e9746a52

Skeleton Earrings, Halloween, Hypoallergenic, Surgical Steel, Spooky, Creepy


Item collection 9c6f48b4 4c8e 4ae3 a014 5c7571b411fb

Skeleton Hand Earrings, Bones, Halloween, Spooky, Creepy, Hypoallergenic


Item collection 09bd228a 8e8e 45c7 aa32 9486814ecda9

Sterling Silver Infinity Necklace with Swarovski Crystal Birthsone of choice


Item collection e4164dfa d4b8 4fe6 a6a4 43beefefe0ba

Hand Stamped *Faith. Not Fear* Necklace with Cross


Item collection 64428ec9 0a41 4fa7 b5a2 29d2da5600d5

Enjoy the Little Things - Hand Stamped Necklace


Item collection ffa12f36 0c54 423d 94e2 0dbbf38f5f25

Hockey Mom Necklace with Skate & Sticks Charms


Item collection ae23c554 3a6e 4c62 9634 da3a48999a06

2 Piece Heart Necklace Set


Item collection 08577d7c dbd3 4057 a926 29f778a7bce7

Hand Stamped Ocean Inspired Necklace, Inspirational, Beach Jewelry, Meditation, Jewelry for Mom


Item collection cc53c7fd 437e 4f4f 9585 cefc276da7f2

CUSTOMIZE 2 Piece Heart Necklace Set, Hand Stamped - Necklaces or Key Chains


Item collection 110cb379 7cd7 433b 85ae 4a8ff239bba7

Stamped Metal Wallet Inserts


Item collection a95c9415 3171 48d2 ab15 344b35c6a935

Mother of Pearl Heart on Gold Chain


Item collection 4a871b98 1b2d 4776 a291 7e4679e5b5c2

Hand Stamped *Brave* Necklace with an Angel Wing Charm


Item collection 961b1d47 6a91 4018 8d1a 7bceb47ba21b



Item collection b0328f2d 6c78 4560 a3bc 1485d3d860c3

Silver Long Elegant Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Earrings


Item collection 6fef09de b073 401e 84bc 9a9696da1809

Bow and Arrow Earrings


Item collection afbef629 5915 4d0f 97ec 5ad02e75b6e0

Hand Stamped *It Takes a Big <3 (Heart) to Teach Little Minds* Teacher's Gift Necklace, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Hypoallergenic


Item collection 51fb83f7 5d66 45ca 81d8 d1035b2fab98

Hand Stamped, I Wished For You - Dandelion Necklace, Mother's Day Jewelry, Romantic, Valentine's Day Necklace


Item collection 78b87bfa 4d90 4d65 9581 4c65182c7427

Hand Stamped Thelma & Louise Best Friend Necklaces, with Gun Charms - BFF Necklaces, Soulmate Jewelry,


Item collection 9bba9e28 c9e8 40e8 b0fe 2e63912b98b1

Sterling Silver Infinity Necklace with Matching Swarovski Crystal Earrings - FREE SHIPPING


Item collection e571f3ff 3f8a 4c56 9456 d9578095c74c

Dangley Leaf Earrings - HYPOALLERGENIC


Item collection cb1a39fc 6764 4e22 a6ba e2a787eda1c0

You Are My Sunshine Necklace


Item collection b02806c2 695e 42b7 a9c3 b8a570faa6c4

*Grateful* necklace


Item collection 51a5ad81 7e37 476d 99b6 9911e9ecca35

Butterfly Necklace


Item collection d86fd203 3c6f 46b5 9e40 7630db51d53c

*WE LOVE YOU TO PIECES* Puzzle Piece Necklace - Can change wording


Item collection e81e08b9 626c 4981 8de6 c59651c4441e

Big Sister or Little Sister necklaces


Beautiful Custom Hand-Stamped Metal Jewelry For Everyone, For Any Occasion.

I love turning your creative vision into a handmade, tangible object. I craft with hypoallergenic metals & high quality embellishments, such as: fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystals (& pearls) & precious stones.

I offer a very little variety at my online shop. Please visit my Facebook Photo Gallery to see more options: